Freedom Portfolio

Investment Objective:

"The main objective of the portfolio strategy is to generate capital appreciation in the medium term to long term through investments in equities and equity related instruments including mutual fund schemes."

Portfolio Composition:

100% in Equity mutual fund scheme at all times. Portfolio will be broken into two parts:
  • Core Portfolio - range 60% to 100%
    The Core Portfolio will form the base of the portfolio and scheme selection will be driven by long term wealth creation objective. The Core Portfolio will provide the portfolio with stability.
  • Satellite Portfolio - range 0% to 40%
    The Satellite Portfolio will provide the freedom to the Portfolio Manager to take advantage of the opportunities available in the markets from time-to-time. The investment decision will be short to medium term in nature, providing that extra kicker to the portfolio.
Investment Strategy:

Overall: Select quality, good performing schemes that are expected to deliver superior returns. Scheme selection would be research driven, due-diligence based and which, in the opinion of the Portfolio Manager, can add value to the portfolio. The portfolio attempts to optimise returns through a dynamic break-up of portfolio into the Core Portfolio and Satellite Portfolio and the scheme selection within them. The portfolio attempts to invest in all types of equity mutual fund schemes without any limitation should a superior risk-return opportunity be present.

Core Portfolio: Investments would be done in diversified equity mutual fund schemes having:
  • Over 3 years of track record
  • Consistent past performance
  • Lineage of top fund houses / fund manager
  • Consistent top quartile ranking
The Core Portfolio will form the base of the portfolio. Investments will be done for long term with minimal churn. The Portfolio Manager will constantly attempt to replace the bad performing schemes with the top performing schemes.

Satellite Portfolio: The Portfolio Manager, based on his market research and regular interactions with fund managers of mutual fund schemes will invest in, but not limited to,

  • Thematic Funds
  • Sectoral Funds
  • NFOs, etc.

The investments will be done for short to medium term time horizon. The idea is to generate additional returns in the short term and take advantage of new themes/sectoral movements.

Note : Currently, fresh subscribtions and topups are not being accepted in Freedom Portfolio.