NJ Advantages

NJ Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. has a very rich experience of over 18 years in financial products distribution and investment management, with its lineage of NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd. NJ Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. has strong domain and analytical expertise and portfolio management experience in mutual funds. NJ Advisory Services has defined a strong portfolio management process to be followed by an experienced team. There is an in-house research team engaged in the active study and analysis of mutual funds and makes use of the latest information and research tools. The decisions on the mutual fund portfolio will be based on an in-depth research and due-diligence of fund houses & fund management team combined with the expertise of the portfolio management team. The defined portfolio management process and due diligence also ensure that the portfolio risk is kept under control. The internal processes & policies are in line with our goal of providing customers portfolio management services which they can rest assured of.

NJ Advisory Services would be offering clients with a high level of transparency as to how their portfolio is being managed and what investment decisions have been taken. The clients would be periodically updated about their portfolio by providing the various reports through email and/or hard copies.

NJ Advisory Services is also offering web access to the clients to their own online Client Desk that contains the latest reports and portfolio information.