NJ Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. is driven by the group philosophy which treats the trust of the customers as supreme. The initiatives and operations of NJ Advisory Services are geared towards fulfilling this philosophy. We believe in offering long term wealth creation solutions that help meet the customer's needs & investment objectives. Rest Assured is an idea that inspires us to give the desired peace, confidence, certainty, ease of operations and returns that the customer is looking for. Bringing back joy and interest in customers for portfolio management is something that we aspire to achieve.

Investment management philosophy:

A disciplined approach by investors with right exposure and proper asset allocation can help in successful long-term wealth creation. As an investment vehicle, mutual funds can be considered as an ideal product for investing in any asset class. Mutual funds offer many benefits to the investors in form of professional fund management, diversification of portfolio, transparency, liquidity and operational ease. As an investment strategy, we believe that asset allocation is the best strategy to optimise the returns for any portfolio while keeping risks low. The asset allocation, though, should be in line with the risk appetite of the investor and his investment objectives. A good portfolio is one that consists of quality investments to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns in line with the investment objective of the fund. The portfolio should be adequately monitored and managed to reflect upon important changes in quality / expected performance of investments, market scenario - risks & opportunities and the composition of the portfolio itself.

With the existence of a plethora of fund houses and schemes, there can be sufficient opportunities and risks, while creating a portfolio. Our internal research has proved that for all periods, there has been a considerable difference between the top performing and the bottom performing mutual fund schemes. We believe that better scheme selection is one of the key factors to deliver better risk-adjusted returns / performance of the portfolio. Thus, for any portfolio there is a huge scope for value-addition where investment decisions will be research driven, unbiased and disciplined, and portfolio will be actively managed by experienced professionals. For an investor such a portfolio management service will be poised to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.