Corporate Governance

NJ Advisory Services realises the importance of corporate governance and seeks to implement the best practices for the same. We believe that, as corporate entities, we have some obligations and duties towards all stakeholders; including customers, employees, business partners, authorities and to society at large. In all our initiatives and operations, we aim to strike the right balance between upholding interests of the all stakeholders, especially our customers, minimising business risks and pursuance of growth in business.

Corporate Governance at NJ Advisory Services is based on the following main principles:
  • Timely and strict compliance to all established rules, regulations and guidelines
  • Building sound system of risk management and internal control
  • Timely and balanced disclosure and communication of all material information to all stakeholders.
  • Transparency and accountability in all practices
  • Focus on process driven, unbiased, collective and controlled investment decision making process
  • Strong internal audit for all practices to ensure continued improvements and effective implementation of policies
  • Fair and equitable treatment of all its stakeholders including employees, associates, customers & community
Consumer Grievances: The existing customers may approach NJ Customer Care Help Desk for any queries / clarifications or issues that they may face at NJ Advisory Services. Also you may email us for any queries or grievances.

Help-desk: 1800 102 0155 (Toll-Free)